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About Us

Bhanu-Prabha Musical Instrument Library

The concept of providing musical instruments and a place for practice is a unique concept at least in India, if not the entire world.
Music help reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory and brain function, enhance coordination, and improve social skills. And all this while you’re having fun and relaxation. The more you feel better, more the society will be.

BHANUPRABHA MUSIC LIBRARY provides an atmosphere to align your mind to play music and create music.

The name BhanuPrabha is derived from two legendary musicians hailed from Rajamahendravaram the cultural capital of andhrapradesh Smt. Tamirisa Prabhavati Devi and Smt. N.C. Bhanumathi.

Smt.Tamirisa Prabhavati devi is the first female mridangam player in Andhra Pradesh and Smt. Nallan Chakravarthula Bhanumathi is a vocalist as well as knajeera player. She is an ‘A’ grade artist in AIR. Both ladies were born into a family of extraordinary musicians. The efforts of these women in the field of music is praiseworthy and has been well recognized. They are the epitome of our culture and traditions. They always wanted to provide easy access to music for everyone. With the inspiration from these two legends and to continue their legacy, this organisation has been formed as “BhanuPrabha sangeetha saadhanaalaya” ( BhanuPrabha Musical Instrument Library or BPMILI).

About The Founder

Mr. Gopalachary Tamirisa a.k.a Sudhakar is the Founder of Bhanu-Prabha Musical Instrument Library.. He is the fifth son of Smt. Prabhavathi devi and Dr. Tamirisa Krishnamachari of Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh. He pursued his career as an engineer in Computer Science abroad. He lives in the USA.

From the inheritance of his family made him a music lover and he plays violin and tabala and Continued the Family Tradition,
In the tribute to music and music lovers he started Bhanu-Prabha Musical Instruments Library in the name of His Mother and maternal Aunt who were Musicians.

He believes music needs to be practiced and practice, one needs a conducive environment and access to good musical instruments. That is the motivation for this musical instrument library.

Rajahmundry is the first choice because his mother side family is from Rajahmundry and his
childhood exposure to the musical scholarship and concerts has convinced him that this is the best place to start this new concept.

He just wants everyone to be aware of our Arts & Culture. And He wants to create the finest and the Healthiest society.
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